01. My sister and I were [intrigued] to find out how our mom and dad first met.
02. The movie is an [intriguing] look at the world of high-powered finance.
03. I would be [intrigued] to know how you felt about what I said.
04. The novel examines the world of danger and [intrigue] of the professional spy.
05. Someone once said that people remain in love as long as they remain [intrigued] with one another.
06. The main character in the book is an [intriguingly] mysterious woman.
07. I have always been [intrigued] by the seemingly magical ability of an artist to write music.
08. The children seemed quite [intrigued] by the story of how their grandparents escaped Poland, and made their way eventually to England.
09. Many teenagers are [intrigued] by the personal lives of popular musicians.
10. I was [intrigued] to hear about her holiday after a co-worker told me she had an amazing experience.
11. During the reign of Constantine III, court [intrigues] nearly led to a civil war in Byzantium.
12. I didn't enjoy the book at first, but after the murder in the second chapter, I was [intrigued] enough to want to finish it.
13. I was quite [intrigued] by the title of the book "Why I Hate Canadians," and just had to read it.
14. The nation of Burkina Faso is a land of [intriguing] contrasts between the beautiful charm of the wooded hills, and the harsh conditions of the deserts.
15. The main street of Uruguay's capital city of Montevideo is lined with an [intriguing] mix of old buildings alongside modern, high-rise office complexes.
16. The evolutionary design of man has [intrigued] humans for many years.

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